5059 North Ridge Road Wichita

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Every Friday & Saturday in October

Last 2 Thursdays in October

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Adults $17.00

Child under 7 free with regular admission adult



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$2 off Fridays, Saturdays & Halloween Night



The longest and the only "Real" Haunted Forest in Kansas. Mac Productions Forest of Terror has been open for nearly half a century, bringing one of the scariest Halloween traditions to the standard you love to scream about.

Forrest of Terror, also known as the haunted forest, is well known in Wichita for delivering true value to thrill seekers looking for that haunted house to get the blood pumping. It’s been reported to be one of the scariest and most thrilling in Kansas. Follow the trail to your doom.

Haunted houses are a traditional Halloween activity and the creation of a haunted forest was a natural transition. Your mind starts to wander over every scary movie and image you’ve ever seen when you’re in a spooky place; it’s natural to get a little jumpy. Combining that natural human tendency with dimly lit features, screams of people brave enough to enter and the creepy crawlies of the night, makes for a hair raising, blood pumping good time. Fear starts to creep up on you…among other things. Watch your back.

There are scary things around the prairie and between the pines, sometimes you see things looking back at you. There are things in that forest that will make even the biggest horror fan cry for their mummy.

The Forest is easily located at 50th street north and Ridge rd in Wichita, KS. Surrounded by a parking area; you will leave the safety of your vehicle and walk down the side of a field toward the screams.

Warning: This is not intended for children under 7, those pregnant, or anyone with a heart condition .